Who are we?

Midsouth LIGHTS was started by Scott, Bill, Collin, and Russell as an offshoot from the Mississippi Mini. The Midsouth area being as large as it is, the team decided to create a local group that would provide support and knowledge transfer to others that have Christmas displays or are interested in doing so.

How long have we been doing this?

Scott, Bill, Collin, and Russell have been doing displays in one form or another for years.

What do we use to build our displays?

A myriad of gear and software is used including Light-O-Rama, Falcon controllers, Sandevices, Vixen, Xlights, even DMX and Raspberry Pi and other single board computers.

OK, I want to meet up and exchange ideas or just see what this is all about

Great!  We would love for more people to become a part of our group. Stay tuned to this page as we always post our meeting time and place for our monthly meeting.  We meet starting in late summer and until its time for tear down.